Think Neuro,

Think Neuro is dedicated to facilitating neurologic curriculum to populations often overlooked in the educational space. Through sponsorship of professional development education and scholarship initiatives, we aim to inspire future healthcare leaders to improve the health of communities often in the periphery of our society through technological renovations and policy advocacy. Intersecting collaboration of highly motivated academics with our emphasis on scholarly research, Think Neuro strives to increase scientific literacy and community engagement, particularly for communities affected by opioid use disorders.
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We have an aspiration to be better. Our educational outreach and policy initiatives serve to redress centuries of racism, discrimination, and inequity that have plagued the healthcare and education sectors of our society. We have an aspiration to encourage and emphasize student-centered approaches in contemporary education. We have an aspiration to improve the environment in which our learners gain the fundamental skills required to become equity-oriented leaders as future healthcare professionals engaged in public and academic discourse.

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